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Free Edition

Logacity is freely available to charities, academic institutions and for personal, non-commercial use only.
If you're in doubt as to whether this covers you, just ask. We're pretty permissive.

Unfortunately, because it's free, this version doesn't come with any support; we'll still try and help, but we make no promises. If you want maintenance/support, or for a feature to be developed, please do contact us to discuss your needs.

As a result of abuses in the past, we don't provide a download link here. Simply send us an email with a line about your use-case and we'll send you the link.

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Buy it

If you're not eligible for the free version, you must purchase a license. The license includes 1 year of support and maintenance, and preferential treatment for any feature requests you have.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We offer a discount to public sector bodies.

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Logacity is designed to be platform agnostic and should run on anything that Python 3.5 or higher runs on. It only requires the following:

That's it; Logacity is entirely self-contained. The only other thing you need is some log-files to process.


If you want to use the alternative PHP web-API (which isn't necessary and it is no different to the Python API that is used by default), you'll also require:

Release Notes

The release notes can be found here. There is also a copy in the download.


Complete documentation is included in the Logacity download.


The license can be found here. There is also a copy in the download.